Dynamo Beginner

Learn Dynamo easily with this course from an international expert.

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(English only)

In this course, we will learn to use the visual programming software for Revit.



    • What is Dynamo and why you should learn it

2-User interface

    • Dynamo Library
    • Workspace and 3d preview
    • Navigation

3-Visual programming: nodes, wires, data flow.

    • What is Visual Programming
    • What do nodes represent
    • Connecting nodes
    • How the information travels through the graph
    • Best practice – keeping the graph legible using groups, notes and node names.

4-Data structure – lists

    • What are lists
    • List operations in Dynamo.

5-Data structure – nested lists

    • What are nested lists and how do they get created
    • Accessing information from a nested list
    • Nested list operations

6-Data structure – lacing

    • Shortest
    • Longest
    • Cross
    • Auto


    • NURBS vs Mesh vs Hermite Spline
    • Point
    • Line, Polyline and Curve
    • Surface
    • Solid
    • Operations on geometry

8-Custom nodes and code block


    • Using Package manager to download and publish nodes

10-Designing with Dynamo

    • Creating geometry for roof, structure and curtain walls.

11-Interaction with Revit – Structural framing, Adaptive Components

    • Translating Dynamo geometry to native Revit elements

12-Interaction with Revit – Colour maps

    • Visualizing data in Revit

13-Interaction with Revit – Automation

    • Create drawings and sheets
    • Create schedules
    • Set and export parameters
    • Quantifying materials


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